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MissKat ([personal profile] misskat) wrote2015-04-26 11:20 pm

A FAQ Sonnet

For comments authored by "anonymous"
We must assume the best of all intents
But sadly there are bots autonomous
and Google's rules they aim to circumvent.
For CAPTCHAs to prevent the spamming trash,
if answer first received is wrong, will fail.
An answer given twice will trigger cache
and will not recognize that ship set sail.
To make it through the tor'trous field of woe
and get your comment posted on the page
A hard refresh will brand new query show
With different answer crave'd on the stage.
To do this thing and pass through chain-ed gate
a doubled keypress needed to unlock
Control and function five will wipe the slate
Just hold together to turn back the clock.

And if there is an error to report
Just take a breath, and kindly ping Support.

From this thread regarding the fact that I'm hesitant to work on FAQs when I've been reading and writing early modern English text all evening.

I'd be sorry, but I'm not.