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Not gonna lie, folks: part of my motivation for doing DW work is seeing my name in lights show up in News posts and Code Tours!


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I submitted my talk proposal to OS Bridge! You can check it out here, or the text is under this cut )

I am taking suggestions &c on tweaks to make to the proposal. EEEEE proposal!

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Yesterday, I was clearing my sidewalk of a few inches of slush like a responsible adult. Well, ok, a selfish adult who didn't want to have to try and unstick her car from 3 inches of ice the next day, but whatever. We'll go with responsible adult.

Anyway, I'm out there shoveling, and this jerkface comes zooming down my street. The driver didn't move to the other side of the road, or even slow down as they passed me, ankle-deep in slush and unable to move quickly.

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to get covered head to toe in partially-frozen road gunk, let me be the first to tell you that it's not nearly as fun as it sounds.

In other news, I am looking for a nice apartment in Arizona...


PS: Kidding about Arizona. I actually just found a new apartment about an hour further north of where I live now.
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The original )

My version:

Not like the brazen website of blogging,
With untamed features causing trouble here and there,
Here at our red-themed, accessible gates shall stand
Two mighty people with torches, whose flames
Are super awesome, and their names
Suit and Geek. From their keyboards
Comes world-wide welcome; their terminals
rule the 1st Amendment's harbor which servers frame.
"Keep, brazen website, your storied pomp!" cries she
while he codes. "Give me your tired, your weird,
your geeky masses learning to code for free...
Send these, the blogless, troll-harassed to me,
I lift the pink site scheme beside the sign-up page!"

Aaaaand SCENE.

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(Hermes sleeping in his litterbox wtf ferret, Hermes and Isaac being woken up by the flash from the camera. I like to call both of these "MOMMY WHY ARE YOU FLASHING LIGHTS AT ME I WAS SLEEPING WHERE IS MY TREAT CAN I STOMP ON YOUR COMPUTER PLEEEEASE???" Also, Isaac says lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllppplppppppppppppppppppppppppp[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[p;.)


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(Sleepy Hermes just as he was waking up, Isaac passed out in a pair of pants after I couldn't find him for *hours*, Hermes and Isaac napping/just waking up in a stuffed alligator.)

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Sometimes, I think I've got this whole "semi-public figure" thing down.

Then I get mentioned in the news post, and I realize that I do not.


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Tonight, we had the first code push since I became employed! I made a post to [site community profile] dw_maintenance and everything!

After the code push, a friend and I were heading home, and, well... this happened:

To the tune of Little Town of Bethlehem:

Oh little code push tentacles, how will we see thee writhe?
While users sleep, the coders creep and watch patches go by
but in the darkness lurketh the elder gods of old
and we will hope that we can cope
with breaking all the code

That's totally a thing that occurred.


(PS: I need a good tentacle icon.)
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For the longest time, I bit my nails to the quick. I did permanent damage to my nail bed due to this, and it means that I have bumpy, super short nails.

Because I was such a severe biter, I never got into the nail polish thing like other kids my age. Within the last year, though, I stopped biting my nails* and started liking this whole polish thing.

My most recent favorite has been this one clear polish with crazy sparkles all through it. I have it in white/clear, and in pink. I am starting to get tempted by some of the funky colors I am seeing around, though, and some of the cool manicures my friends are blogging about.

I do suspect part of my nail polish attraction is that they can be SO SPARKLY, but won't shed glitter. I am severely glitter phobic, so this feature is a major plus!

So, uh, nail polish. Yay!


* it wasn't even a conscious choice! I just looked down one day, and whoa, nails! Strange, right?


1/1/13 00:46
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As of 12:01am Dreamwidth Mean Time, I am officially an employee of Dreamwidth Studios! RAISE A GLASS!

Seriously, you have no idea how super excited I am! I love this site, I believe in what we do, and I'm thrilled to be an official part of Team Get Shit Done.

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Today, I'm rocking my rubber duckie PJs, watching Star Wars (Machete Order, for those who are curious), and degreening the Support board.

Merry Christmas, Dreamwidth! You're the best present ever. :)

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I ended up going on a last-minute run to Yankton with my uncle this evening. I had a great time hanging out with him and my favorite cousin. Alas, I slipped and fell on some ice in the parking lot, and scraped my knee up.

So anyway, I get home, and it's late. I hop on IRC and check the board stats, and then this conversation happens:

MissKat: bit, is now a good time to do support?
Fig-Bit: NO
MissKat: O.o
MissKat: bit, code?
Fig-Bit: NO

For those who aren't in DW IRC, Fig-Bit is a bot that Sophie wrote. It is a running joke that it always picks code and DW stuff over anything else, so that conversation came as a TOTAL SHOCK!

Anyway, it's way late now, so I should probably go to bed. G'nite!

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This journal used to be my go-to testing account, due to the inadvisable nature of bug squashing on one's personal journal. That's why there's not a ton of stuff in here right now.

I'm Kat. Nice to meet you. :)