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diag "why science";
sub tony_no {
my $arg = shift;
if ( $arg eq 'no tony' ) { return 'tony stahp' }
else { return 'jarvis halp' }
is (tony_no( 'no tony' ) , 'tony stahp' , 'go to sleep stark' );


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1/6/13 21:56 (UTC)
jjhunter: A sheep with shaded glasses and a straw hat lies on its side; overhead floats the pun 'on the lamb' (as in baby sheep). (on the lamb)
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1/6/13 23:29 (UTC)
azurelunatic: Egyptian Fayoumis hen in full cry.  (loud fayoumis)
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My icon is a hen. She stands in for the large red rooster, who is the centerpiece of the bouquet of roosters that someone had delivered to Tony's lab.

Roosters are a very poor lab pet.

Also, they don't stay in bouquet formation for long.

They fly. Nobody other than the Roombas, JARVIS's drones, and Tony himself are allowed to fly in the lab.