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MissKat ([personal profile] misskat) wrote2013-07-10 01:43 pm

A Prayer

My friend Carrie wrote this upon requests for prayers to tech gods:

Oh god of techiness, circuitry be your name.
Thy emails come,
Thy downloading done
On earth as it's done is interspace.
Give us this day our daily cookies,
and forgive us our email
as we forgive those who email against us.
Lead us not into pop-ups,
but deliver us from spam.
For thine is the Pinterest,
the Facebook, and the Databases,
Forever and ever.

To which the only response is:
in nomine rahaelis, et marci, et spiritus afunae, amen.
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Hee! Mind if I link to this elsewhere[s] on DW? This is all kinds of brilliant. :o)
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*laughs until she actually cries*

This is especially priceless for children of Catholics, who can just /hear/ it in that fruity tone so many priests use. Plus the /vehement/ responsorial "Upload!".

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*prints* This is excellent :)
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